Investment Philosophy
Whether you come to Walden with wealth accumulated through personal savings, inheritance, or the proceeds of your entrepreneurial success, you can be confident that our team will personally serve you with the highest standards of integrity, trust, and accountability. And while growing your assets prudently by participating in rising markets is important, we believe a steadfast focus on managing risk and protecting assets in down and volatile markets is paramount for those with personal wealth with a long-term focus. Our independent and 100% employee-owned structure is effective in aligning our staff’s time horizon with that of our clients, as we are long-term investors committed to building value and enduring relationships over time.

As a client, you will have the benefit of institutional caliber investment solutions and direct access to the investment professionals who manage them. Our experienced portfolio managers will help guide you toward an appropriate long-term investment strategy in light of your personal financial situation and goals. We incorporate consideration of your tax circumstances, cash flow needs, retirement objectives, philanthropic and estate planning goals, and social and environmental impact objectives to tailor investment and asset allocation decisions. Further, our portfolio managers can analyze your family’s combined assets, including those held at Walden or elsewhere, to ensure that our investment decisions are appropriate from an overall wealth management perspective.

Fiduciary Services
Our seasoned portfolio managers provide prudent investment management alongside an experienced and dedicated fiduciary services team. Our ability to deliver a combination of investment management, fiduciary services (e.g. trust administration, record keeping, and tax reporting), and ongoing financial guidance yields important long-term benefits for you and your family. We are able to assist you in achieving your financial goals by providing ongoing advice and facilitating coordination among your other professional experts, including attorneys, accountants, and other financial advisers. Active communication regarding your evolving circumstances helps us to most effectively serve your best interests from both a portfolio and overall wealth management perspective.

Walden is a division of a state-chartered bank and trust company, Boston Trust & Investment Management Company, which is able serve as your corporate trustee. By choosing Boston Trust as your corporate trustee you help ensure that current and future generations benefit from the objectivity, continuity, prudence, and professionalism that an experienced trustee can provide. We assist you in considering the non-financial reasons to develop plans, including creating vehicles that: provide confidentiality and privacy; maintain financial security for yourself and your family during times of incapacity; encourage responsible financial behavior by future generations; and achieve your charitable giving goals. Our fiduciary services are provided on a continuous basis through the duration of the Trust.

More broadly, we pride ourselves on being a sounding board and trusted advisor as you encounter life’s myriad financial decisions. Whether you are purchasing a first or second home, funding education expenses, planning for retirement, or discussing philanthropic strategies, we will sit with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, to consider options and provide guidance.

Tax laws are complex and subject to change. Boston Trust & Investment Management Company (“Boston Trust”) and its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice. Individuals are encouraged to consult their tax and legal advisors regarding any potential legal, tax, and related consequences before establishing a trust or estate plan.