Walden’s clients and investment professionals have been in the vanguard of the socially responsible investment movement since the 1970s. See below the most notable milestones in our company history.

 1975 Initiated socially responsive investment services
 1982 Subadvised first U.S. mutual fund with anti-apartheid criteria
 1986 Filed first shareholder resolution by a mutual fund, prompting a company to negotiate in good faith with its union
 1987 Provided the expert financial testimony in the landmark Board of Trustees v. Mayor of Baltimore case that upheld the legality and financial prudence of a South Africa divestment ordinance
 1989 Founding member of Ceres, an environmental and investor coalition that advocates for corporate sustainability leadership
 1991 Launched diversified portfolio of innovative small capitalization companies
 1992 Launched Just Vote No – voting against boards of directors without people of color or women, a practice later adopted by many other SRI firms
 1993 Joined legal action against U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that stopped the SEC from barring shareholder proposals based on anti-discrimination and other employment issues
 1994 Testified before the U.S. President’s Glass Ceiling Commission in favor of full corporate disclosure of diversity information, the only investment manager to do so
 1996 Established community economic development investment service
 1999 Began managing fossil fuel free portfolios
 2000 Filed a shareholder resolution at an international company (U.K.) asking a global energy company to commit to preserving the U.S. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
 2002 Convinced 40% of retail pharmacies to phase out mercury thermometers; won majority of shareholder votes for the first time on a resolution calling for a leading technology firm to increase board independence
 2004 Concluded multi-year campaign that garnered majority shareholder support and convinced a large personal care manufacturer to adopt a policy of annual election of directors
 2006 Received the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award from the workers’ rights advocacy organization American Rights at Work in recognition of research and engagement supporting workers’ rights
 2007 Testified at a hearing held by the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services representing Walden and the Social Investment Forum (now US SIF)
 2009 Initiated Boston Trust’s first company-wide corporate social responsibility report
 2010 Led Say on Pay initiative to increase accountability on executive compensation, which culminated in a new SEC mandate
 2014 Achieved goal of 100% of Large Cap strategy holdings adopting EEO policies inclusive of sexual orientation
 2015 Spearheaded campaign to align corporate goals on greenhouse gases with climate science; began tracking our engagement objectives to the UN Sustainable Development Goals; leader in urging greater oversight and transparency on lobbying and political spending by companies; celebrated 40 years as a sustainable and responsible investment manager
 2017 Successfully challenged large asset managers to address ESG issues in their proxy voting policies and practices
2018 Filed 500th shareholder resolution; ~40% of resolutions we have filed over time have been withdrawn with agreement