Public Policy and Collaborative Work


By Heidi Soumerai, CFA
From the Summer 2011 Edition of Values

To increase Walden’s impact we often lead or join collective efforts addressing public policy and company-specific ESG concerns. We recently:

  • Sent letters to 43 major companies on the Board of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), asking them to explain the misalignment between their own climate policies and NAM’s position on climate change.
  • Directed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Reid and Republican Leader McConnell, urging them to allow the Environmental Protection Agency to move forward with its greenhouse gas regulations.
  • Wrote President Obama lauding an executive order that would require full disclosure of campaign expenditures by business entities seeking federal government contracts. Claiming that such disclosure would stifle the free speech rights of business, the Chamber of Commerce is assailing this initiative.
  • Signed on to a variety of collaborative letters including to the SEC supporting the inclusion of pay disparity information in the Dodd-Frank bill; to the constituents of the Russell 1000 Index asking them to address sustainability factors throughout their business operations using the Ceres 21st Century Roadmap for Sustainability as a guide; and to 25 companies in industries with exposure to human trafficking concerns calling for human rights policies that address explicitly trafficking and modern-day slavery.